Integrating a tablet and mobile app that will allow your customers to do business with you may sound like something that only the multi-nationals or big conglomerates can do but the truth is, you could have an app produced that would allow your clients to do business with you in a more fluid way. Yorkshire Apps have been producing such apps since the turn of the millennium and have been doing so across the main platforms; iOS (for iPhone and iPad), Android (Google devices etc.) and Windows (tablet and phone).

In essence an app is a condensed piece of bespoke software that allows your customers or workforce to perform a variety of functions online using the device of their choice and in any location where they have access to the Internet (which is just about everywhere these days).

Imagine the benefits of having an app that will allow your workforce to complete on-site surveys and send the information straight back to the office to be collated as reports or to be incorporated into a quotation. While this may not be the newest idea in the world, it could be just the thing to bring your company in line with others in your industry. Likewise, you may be the first in your sector to facilitate your customers with such an app and therefore break new ground.

Apps work on a variety of platforms as we have already mentioned as well as devices. Most apps work on a device with a limited capacity for storage and memory and the app we design for you will work on all of these and all for changes in technology along the way. While it is important to consider that hardware and software changes are often and many, an app that can handle these and continue to be useful is something for a boon for any company.

In addition to providing you with a fully functioning app that will benefit all who use it, our development team can provide you with the integration needed to allow for use with a website. Our web development team can integrate the app so that it feeds to an online database based in the cloud or housed on one of our own servers.

Whatever your idea and whatever the company, talk to our team today in order to find out more about making your app idea a reality; we thrive on a challenge and as a development team with over a decade and a half’s experience we are ready for that challenge. Although we are Yorkshire Apps and cover the Wakefield and surrounding areas, we are able to assist clients UK wide. Our developers, programmers and designers are tele-workers and work from home, allowing for reduced overheads.

These reduced overheads are passed on to our clients meaning we charge less for the development work we do. This by no means affects the build quality and you can be sure that whether it is an app, a bespoke database or a revised web presence; you will get value for money time and time again.

Call us today on (insert number here) and speak to our team. We will have an informal discussion with you regarding the nature of your idea and organise a free of charge consultation during which we can iron out the pros and cons of designing and building and tablet and mobile app.

You can also contact us by clicking here and filling in the form to arrange a call back from one of our team; we understand you are as busy as we are and will fit you in at a time more convenient.

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If you would like more information on how our development teams can help improve your business model with a bespoke app, database or software package, please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to hearing from you.