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Are you using an off-the-shelf database package that just isn’t coping with what you need? Is your existing bespoke database design simply no longer fit for purpose? Don’t worry you are not alone and this is a common issue if your company has exceeded expectations and is moving onwards and upwards. Yorkshire Apps and our development team are on hand to design a bespoke database that will allow your company to move forward, taking all of your current information with you and providing you with features that will allow you to use it in ways you previously only dreamt of.

A database used in-house is only as strong as the foundations upon which it was first designed and built; this applies to off-the-shelf packages and indeed previously custom-built ones. After all, when you first started in business your requirements were not those of the company you have today. While you hoped to expand and to grow there was no need (and perhaps no budget) to go beyond what was necessary.

Using our knowledge and experience when it comes to database design, we can integrate an existing database with a front-end that will allow more users to access it at the same time. This may require migrating an existing Excel database into a new Access database but the end result, take our word for it, is staggering.

There is nothing that slows a workforce down more than being repeated refused access to your current database in order to gain access to or store information because there are too many users. Our ability to migrate Excel with Access allows for a larger number of users to alter and retrieve this data without having to take users off the network to do it.

We can also provide you with a front-end to the database that will have the fields you most use and the field that you most need. This also applies to providing you with the ability to run searches based on your own criteria. Our unique bespoke databases allow for specific searches to be run or for your staff to run their own custom searches based on the fields and information provided.

But what else can a bespoke database do?

  • Management reporting
  • Stock control
  • Providing links to CRM (Customer Relationship Management)Stock control
  • Storing and providing access to quotations
  • Order Processing

There really is an endless list of things your new bespoke database can do and the only limits are your imagination. With existing databases integrated to a bespoke database you can have access to more information, even information that might not have been used for some time, but having access to it in a searchable format is often advantageous.

Give us a ring today on (insert number here) and have an informal discussion with a member of our team. You can give us an idea as to your needs and wants and we can tell you how we would go about providing you with those. You can also click here and fill in the form that will allow us to give you a call back and arrange a free of charge consultation.

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