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Yorkshire Apps are happy to help our clients (old and new) with the design and implementation of bespoke and custom software development. While this does not include producing games, we can help you produce an app or piece of software that has entertainment properties. As an entrepreneur or small business you may have the need for a piece of custom software that allows you to enhance how you do business with your clients. We have a team of highly motivated and experienced developers, programmers and designers on hand to rise to the challenge.

When it comes to bespoke software the most commonly asked question is: why? One might be tempted to answer with why not but there are reasons as to why an off-the-shelf package just won’t do. After all, many of the off-the-shelf packages while suitable and very good, offers modules that may have no purpose to you or your company. This represents spending a considerable amount of money for a listing in a menu that only the curious among your staff might click on.

We help our customers develop custom software in order to streamline what is needed and to ensure that what is needed is there when your workforce switch on their machines. A bespoke software package is also ideal if you intend to have a bespoke database which will integrate seamlessly.

It’s important also to recognise that bespoke software does not just cover that which resides on your server, desktop PCs or laptops. At Yorkshire Apps, we develop bespoke apps that you or your customers can use across myriad devices using a variety of operating systems.

Our development team have produced high end applications that work on the iOS platform and can be found to function on the iPhone iPad and iPod range. Allowing your customers and your workforce the opportunity to use an app developed for these devices opens up many doors and allows for use on the move rather than tethered to a device hardwired into your office hub.

Your primary concerns when it comes to bespoke software are:

  • Will it do what we need it to?
  • Will it work with our existing software?
  • Ditto our existing hardware?
  • Can we train our staff and educate our customers easily?
  • Will it be easily upgradable?

Our development team aim to make a bespoke software package tick all of the above boxes whilst ensuring it contains all of the features you and your company will need; and within budget too. We understand that every company has a budget (unless you are a multi-national and even then budgets can be an issue) so our software packages can be modular-based, allowing you to return later and add as you go.

Want to know more? Have an idea for a bespoke software package for use in-house? Call us today on (insert number here) and speak to one of the team. We will be happy to have an informal chat with you and go through the options available to you. You can click here if you would like us to call you back at a more convenient time (just like us we know you’re busy too!) and we can arrange a free consultation.

When it comes to cost, our team are spread across the United Kingdom and work from home; this allows for lower overheads as we don’t have to sustain them in a large office block with all the trimmings. These savings are passed onto the customer (i.e. you) without sacrificing the end product. Call us today to find out more.

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More Information

If you would like more information on how our development teams can help improve your business model with a bespoke app, database or software package, please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to hearing from you.